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The full automatic filter press - Faure Equipements EN
The life-size technology
The full automatic filter press

Faced with the high demand from our customers for equipment that is full automatic (equipment that does not require human presence during the discharge phases), the filter press has become the reference equipment item for Faure Equipements, and today represents 90% of our business in various fields (we currently have almost one hundred references).
Our R&D Department, which has developed this full automatic filter press, continues to develop it and will be offering new, innovative long-term solutions.

Patented, proven technology

FILTRE PRESSE AUTOMATIQUE ( robot full auto ) FAURE EQUIPEMENTFaure Equipements filter presses are now equipped with a robot that is protected by three patents and provides automatic operation.
Filter presses equipped with the robot can therefore run in continuous 24-hour cycles without the presence of an operator during the discharge phase. The principle adopted for cake removal is a plate shaking system using a cam. A weighing system controls automatic cake removal. If the measured weight of the plate is its initial weight, this means that the cake has been discharged. If the weight exceeds the tare value, this means that some of the cake has remained in the chamber. The shaking system is then triggered, causing the cake to fall. This automatic control system ensures our filter presses run in truly automatic mode.

Effectiveness of the shaking/weighing system

> Access the demonstration video

Le système secouage-pesage de séparation des boues - FAURE EQUIPEMENTA mechanical cleaning system for the feed core is also loaded onto the full auto robot in case the compressed air core cleaning system is insufficient. This robot also washes the cloths, starting up automatically. The cloths are thus regenerated regularly according to two parameters: the number of cycles and the level of clogging.
The reliability of all the robot functions is ensured by using a light beam sensor system, which guarantees correct positioning.

The full auto robot

> Access the demonstration video

Currently, 90% of the filter presses leaving our workshops are fully automatic.
Our recent references among the 50 already completed are:

  • 1 x 211 TR MP FULL AUTO filter press at the waste water treatment plant at Objat (Corrèze), 6000 PE
  • 1 x 217 MP FULL AUTO filter press at the Panazol drinking water plant (Haute-Vienne)
  • 1 x 219 MP FULL AUTO filter press at the Arkema waste water treatment plant at Pierre Bénite (Rhône)

robot full auto - panazol FP full auto - panazol