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The filtration tests - Faure Equipements EN
The life-size technology
The filtration tests

At our laboratory or directly on-site with our pilot units, Faure Equipements assists you with your filtration tests, either for sizing new processing units or for optimising an existing workshop.

Cutting-edge equipment

ESSAIS - cellule compressibiliteOur laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for characterising sludges and products to be dewatered (Jar Test,
measurement of CST, suspended matter, dryness, etc.). We also have a compressibility chamber complying with standard NFT 97-001 with computerised data acquisition.
It thus makes it possible to determine the parameters that characterise the dewatering phases (maximum dryness, compressibility, specific resistance).

Laboratory pilot unit: making tests even more efficient

essaisThanks to the laboratory pilot unit we have designed, we can carry out tests on a low product volume and obtain representative filter press dewatering results (filtration time, cake dryness and density).

Several test platforms and the associated conditioning skids are also available for performing tests on an industrial scale.

Easily transportable in France and abroad, their equipment is at the cutting edge of technology (diaphragm plates, automatic discharge plates).

The following parameters are then validated:

For conventional dewatering:

  • pressures,
  • flow rates,
  • results (dryness, density, productivity).

For adjusting processes:

  • washing/blowing cycle operating mode,
  • necessary water and air pressure/flow rate,
  • results (residual moisture, levels linked to washing/blowing).

ESSAIS - pilote skid 1 ESSAIS - pilote skid 2

This service is managed by Christophe JAMMES, Processes Manager