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From porcelain to the filter press... - Faure Equipements EN
The life-size technology
From porcelain to the filter press…

The story of Faure Equipements is a real « success story ». It all started when Paul FAURE, arts and crafts engineer, opened a machine-building workshop for the manufacture of porcelain plates in 1868.

From porcelain to the filter press…

In 1868, Paul Faure, a graduate engineer of Arts et Métiers, opened a workshop to build machines for manufacturing porcelain plates. Up until 1903, he developed and produced mechanised systems for industrialising the manufacturing of Limoges porcelain.

Principe de fonctionnement d'un filtre presseLe Filtre presse au début 20ème siècle

In 1903, he was succeeded by his son André Faure, an Engineer of Arts et Métiers. André modernised the ceramic paste preparation methods and replaced the existing equipment with automatic machines. Production shifted towards mills, turbine mixers, agitators, screens, filter presses, pumps, gas extractors, etc.

The filter press, obvious

In 1940, he created the industrial filter press and the ball mill.

In 1965, the company moved to new premises in the Magré industrial zone south of Limoges.

In 1967, following in his father’s footsteps, François Faure took the helm of the company.

In 1970, he modernised the filter presses and started using this technology for sewage sludge treatment. In 1982, the company was taken over by the Milhoud-Cléro group until 1996.

Winning new markets

In 1997, the company was relaunched with 24 employees under the name FAURE EQUIPEMENTS S.A. A dynamic, highly motivated team did everything possible to reconquer the market. This was a great success in major sectors of activity: wastewater treatment – industrial processes.

FAURE EQUIPMENTS is now the French leader in the field of filtration and dehydration due to its extensive range of filter presses. The company now employs 30 people. Its position as national leader has enabled it to conquer new export markets via a dedicated department. The company also invests in research and innovation, and has been developing automatic filter presses for the last 10 years. The new generation of « full auto » filter presses currently represents 90% of its business.